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Ovi Gaming is the web's first ever unofficial site dedicated to games from Ovi Store and N-Gage. We have news, reviews and features about Ovi Store and N-Gage games, compatible phones and much, much more.

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What is Ovi?

Ovi is the overall brand covering all of Nokia and their online services, including their N-Gage gaming platform and Ovi Store content shop. You can find out more about Ovi services on the official site. Most Nokia phones and smartphones can access Ovi Store, and Nokia smartphones can access N-Gage too. Games from Ovi Store and N-Gage are sold entirely as downloads either directly onto your phone, or downloaded onto a PC and then transferred manually. You can find out more about Ovi Store and N-Gage in our Ovi Store FAQ, and our N-Gage FAQ.

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History of Ovi and N-Gage

When it comes to playing games using a mobile device, players want to learn about all of their options. Ovi is a brand that covers every online service from Nokia and offers the ability for users to play a variety of games right in the palms of their hand. For easy and safe access, there is an Ovi Store, where games and apps can be downloaded onto a mobile phone. These can also be downloaded to a PC and then transferred to the mobile device.

The Ovi store can only be accessed by Nokia users, but they will find there are exciting options and will easily see how they can instant begin playing some awesome games. To help Nokia draw people from other gaming platforms, they introduced N-Gage, a small Smartphone and game system that was released back in 2003. This product was not successful and was later redesigned to offer easier use and a more attractive appearance. There were quite a few games that were released to be played on this device, with the last being released in 2006.

Since Nokia was trying to bust into the mobile market and offer internet services, the Ovi service was a way to compete with Google, Apple and Microsoft. The Ovi system was very successful and offers five different services to users, including games, maps, media, and music and messaging. The original Ovi brand was discontinued in 2011 and most of the services were eventually closed or integrated into the services from Microsoft, since that company acquires Nokia devices and services in 2014.

To allow for ease of access, the Ovi Store was launched in 2009 and offered the ability to download games, videos, ring tones and much more. Most of the items were free of charge while other would be billed through a credit card. The Store was amazingly successful and in 2012, it was the third largest in the industry, right behind Apple’s App Store and Google Play. After Microsoft took over Nokia services, the Ovi Store was transitioned to the Opera Mobile Store, which is not the new application store of all Nokia devices.

Even though the store changed names, Nokia devices still come with Ovi services, allowing for gaming, messaging, emailing, mapping and much more.

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Status of Ovi and N-Gage technology

While the N-Gage device seemed like a good idea at the time of its release, it had problem after problem and eventually. Nokia decided to completely phase it out and eliminate the handheld device. Even though the support for N-Gage was stopped, Nokia continued to offer games through the Ovi Store until 2010. Despite the N-Gage device being discontinues, N-Gage games continue to be offered for Nokia users and the games can be downloaded right to the device and played instantly. Nokia is constantly competing with giants in the industry and the only way to stay ahead in the market is to offer similar services to Apple. This is why the Ovi Store and N-Gage games are still available and offer Nokia users a unique way top access applications, games and everything else they would need to add to enhance the use of a Smartphone.

While Nokia does not take the cake in terms of technology or development, they do follow suit and offer some great selections for users. Even though there are no innovative or super unique products, users will be able to utilise their Nokia devices just as someone with an iPhone or other leading mobile device.

In terms of the future, it is unclear where Ovi and N-Gage will go. As more and more users choose to game with their mobile devices, it is pretty clear that these services will continue to be offered. However, there is no word on whether Nokia will offer any ground breaking devices or apps that will blow Apple and Google away. For the time being, users will have access to standard apps like maps, music, messaging, calendars and more, just about what every Apple users enjoys from the App Store. While Ovi and N-Gage may not be the largest known names in the industry, they do have a long history, dating back to the early 2000s. Over the years, many changes and developments were made, including the acquisition of Nokia systems by Microsoft. However, when it comes to technology and the future, users can count on Nokia still being a name to trust and one that can offer access to the great mobile apps and gaming opportunities that thousands of users seek through their mobile devices.

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Ovi and N-Gage Game Types

After the N-Gage gaming platform had been nixed, players were wondering whether they would be able to continue to play the games they loved from Nokia. There was great news. Instead of offering the hardware system, Nokia offered the mobile gaming portal with N-Gage branding. This is now all done through Ovi and when accessed, players can find a wide selection of game titles, download different trials of games for free and even purchase the games directly from Nokia. With the new platform, players can play with others from around the globe and keep track of all gaming stats globally.

There are some amazing game selections that are offered and players will find a huge selection of sports titles, arcade games, casino games and much more. With the Ovi option, the games are directly downloaded to the mobile device for on the go entertainment and action at all times. There are some amazing gaming companies that are offering N-Gage and Ovi games are this point, including Digital Chocolate, EA Gameloft, Capcom, Glu Mobile and any more. The games will have different pricing, generally ranging from $8 to $14 and they can be played on a variety of supported Nokia devices.

Instead of having to own a handheld gaming system, the games from Nokia are all played through a single mobile device, allowing for fast and easy access and the ability to manage a large game portfolio. With Ovi, Nokia is still able to compete with Apple and Google by offering unique and innovative games specifically for Nokia owners and users. The game varieties will meet all needs and will always offer new and exciting titles that can instantly be downloaded or purchased. It is also possible to download the games to a PC and later transfer them to a mobile device for on the go gaming abilities. While Nokia is not the leader in the industry, the offering of Ovi and N-Gage games does present users with awesome game titles they love and the ability to play anywhere, at any time, just like Android users are able to benefit from Google Play and Apple users from the App Store. The array of games continue to grow and with new titles constantly being added, there is never a shortage of amazing titles that can be enjoyed in the palm of the hand. Since Nokia devices are simple to use and have touch screens. Games are easily controlled and offer an exciting way to play any type of game when away from home. One popular option in particular sought out by Australian players is to play casino type games on mobile and tablet devices.

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