Introduction to N-Gage Games

The N-Gage started out as a gaming platform and handheld device created by Nokia, but the product failed. Instead of developing a new handheld device, Nokia decided to offer all N-Gage games through Ovi, allowing Nokia users to easily download the games and play them right through their mobile devices with ease. With a great variety of games offered, players can now access them instantly and enjoy amazing action at any time without having to purchase a handheld device or a gaming console.

N-Gage games are not known to offer the intense graphics or game play of a console game, but they are a great alternative for those that like to game using a mobile device. With a stellar array of titles, there is something that will entertain most players and there are also age appropriate games that are offered.

Summary of Popular N-Gage Games

In 2008, Nokia released a gaming service that was under the N-Gage brand, offering the ability for many Nokia customers to access leading game titles. The service not offers gamer profiles, N-Gage points that are earned while playing and many other astounding features that are enjoyed with a simple game download to the phone. Many of the original N-Gage games were ported to the new platform and some new titles have been added to offer a well rounded selection of games in a variety of genres to suit any gamer. Some of the top titles are casino based games that can be enjoyed by new and experienced players.

N-Gage Games

Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III has become online of the most popular strategy games in the video game industry. The game is set back in time and focuses on the siege of Malta. The game has players building up an army that is used to destroy various enemies. Players will start in a home city and use villagers to harvest wood and food. As resources increase, players can use them to buy buildings and new technologies that will increase the strength of the army so that battles can be won. The game uses Real Time Strategy and offers a multiplayer mode.

Boom Blox

Boom Blox offers 40 levels of action and the goal is to score blocks that are lying on the screen. These blocks are to be forced off of the screen to collect points. Blue blocks will offer 1 point and yellow blocks offer 2 points. While it sounds simple, players do face some challenges. While they are to known blocks off the screen, they have to keep skull blocks on the screen. Knocking these off will decrease the score. Blocks are moved by shooting balls and each level will offer a set number of balls available.

Cafe Sudoku

This was the first Sudoku game for N-Gage and offers players the ability to play Sudoku on their mobile phones and devices. The game does offer a short tutorial for beginners and there are different difficulty levels that can be selected. The game does offer the ability to use hints to finish puzzles, but hints are limited, so they should be used wisely. As puzzles are completed, players will earn points that can be used to unlock avatar clothes or improve the Cafe, where other players can be asked to join in for a game.

Mega Monsters

Mega Monsters is an arcade style game where players will take on the role of a monster, where they will smash their way through a city to gain power. The game is based on the creation by a scientist, who has come up with a way to make living things very large. The different creatures in the game grow and are sent out to the city to gather information and supplies so that the scientist can build more machines. The game is challenging, tough cute and light hearted. Players may find the levels to be long and time consuming.

Monopoly Here and Now

For many, Monopoly is a popular board game, but with N-Gage, the game is now enjoyed in a different manner. This is an animated version of the board game and there are some great features that have been added, such as the ability to control rent prices. The game itself is played just like the board game and players can play with others from around the globe. It offers a quit function so the game can be resumed at any time and the graphics and animations add a nice appeal that will attract any fan of the original Monopoly board game.

Million Dollar Poker

For any payer that likes the action of poker but does not wish to join an online casino, this game is a great choice. With this game, players will benefit from Gus Hansen tips and there are two modes of play that are supported. Players can enjoy a Career mode or Heads Up. With Career, there are tournaments hat are played and players will face an array of opposing players. The game is easy to control and all bets are placed using the D-pad on the Nokia device. Win games to collect points and win tournaments to increase ranks and enjoy being known as a top poker player.

World Series of Poker Pro Challenge

With this poker games players will play against many famous and professional; poker champions. This is a no-limit Hold Em poker game where players will aim to collect the most chips and tournament bracelets. The game features some of the best players in the world, including Johnny Chan and Shannon Elizabeth. The game is only a one-on-in game, so players will face off between one pro after another. With the grand prize being a WSOP bracelet, this poker game is a great choice for those with a competitive streak. It offers some nice graphics and animations, but the game does lack some excitement since there is just two modes and one-on-one game play.