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Need for Speed (N8) vs Need for Speed (Nexus S)

One of the more interesting comparison videos I’ve seen comes via Daily Mobile and Macintosh Morrison. It’s the Google Nexus Sand the Nokia N8, strapped together and playing Need for Speed Shift. The point? Well it’s a direct match up of the game to compare speed, control and fluidity. Who do you think will come out on top?

Posted by Ewan Spence at 11:36 UTC, January 31st

The anthropology of Angry Birds

There's an interesting article over on The Wall Street Journal trying to explain why Angry Birds has been such an amazing hit in the gaming world. Their thesis looks at the idea that we humans are hard wired to enjoy solving parabolas, the trajectories made by something propelled against the influence of gravity. Video games have long exploited our bias for ballistics; for example, look back at the hit series of PC games, "Worms". Read on for quotes and comments.

Posted by David Gilson at 16:17 UTC, January 21st

Nokia doing a (little bit of) flag-waving on the Ovi Store games

Nokia are proud of the Ovi Store, it’s gaining traction, there are more downloads every day, and I don’t begrudge them the right to shout about any  success whenever they want. So the list of “Top Ovi Store Games” on the Conversations Blog is exactly what I’d expect. And hopefully Nokia are fully aware that we're going to look at this post and ask the question “nice list, but how about some context?”

Posted by Ewan Spence at 13:07 UTC, January 14th

Before you send that SMS, think about The Last Text

Mashable has pointed out the latest AT&T campaign about the dangers of texting while driving. With the busiest day for text messaging almost upon us (Hogmanay), it’s a reminder that texting whist driving is dangerous, and if it is that urgent to reply or even read a text message, you should pull over and stop the car first.

Posted by Ewan Spence at 9:45 UTC, December 28th || 1 Comment

Just a reminder from Nokia about their free Ovi Store games

The Ovi Blog has posted the news today that a large swathe of Nokia's self-published game titles in the Ovi Store are now available free of charge. Some of these titles were already free, but its a nice reminder and there are some fun titles in the mix, including one of my favourites, Big Roll in Paradise.

Posted by Ewan Spence at 13:23 UTC, September 21st

Can you decide on your favourite game in the Ovi Store?

What is your favourite game? Nokia are asking Ovi Store users that very question over on their Conversations Blog, partly because it’s a polite question to ask (especially as sales figures aren’t the same as satisfaction), but also because it’s a rather subtle way to say “look at these great games on Ovi!” Match this up with the special offer on a number of top games and you can see them building more momentum behind the store.

Posted by Ewan Spence at 8:47 UTC, July 21st || 1 Comment

Nokia’s Exclusion revealed as part of the "Conspiracy for Good" ARG

Remember my review of Exclusion and the closing line of "I'm not yet convinced that collecting swirls to reveal a hidden picture adds anything to the game..." Turns out that this is only part of the bigger picture, as the Nokia Ovi Blog now reveal Exclusion is a gateway drug game into the Conspiracy for Good project. Developed by Nokia and Tim Kring, the writer of US TV series “Heroes”, it’s going to mix Alternative Reality Gaming (ARG) music, storytelling and other elements to “effect social change.”

Posted by Ewan Spence at 16:14 UTC, June 22nd || 1 Comment

Pocketgamer pitches ino the piracy debate

UK Gaming site Pocket Gamer has delivered a well thought out and researched piece about piracy and online content. While primarily about gaming and the new rush for downloadable content, the landscape is remarkably similar to the software markets for smartphones. Looking at all angles, the final statement "...whatever excuses any of us have employed for justifying a pirated game are well and truly dead." is one that we'd stand by here, but it covers some new ground in the world of App Stores, current estimated levels of piracy and public opinion.

Posted by Ewan Spence at 9:57 UTC, November 30th || 0 Comments

Piracy is not the problem, piracy is the catalyst

Pinch Media, who provide analytic software for developers on Apple's phones, are estimating that piracy rates are as high as 60% on the iPhone (reports Pocket Gamer). You can be sure that this number is matched on Symbian, Windows Mobile other mobile platforms. The level of piracy nowadays is incredibly high. Apple's iPhone may be pointed out here, but a little bit of exploration online and every games console can be found to be exploited. Read on for my thoughts, though.

Posted by Ewan Spence at 16:29 UTC, November 19th || 8 Comments

Farewell N-Gage - Nokia to shutter gaming service

In a low key announcement, via the N-Gage blog, comes the news that Nokia plans to shutter its N-Gage gaming service. Nokia say they will 'no longer publish new games for the N-Gage platform'; instead games will be provided via its Ovi Store service. Current N-Gage games can be purchased until September 2010 and the N-Gage website and Arena service (online elements) will be available throughout 2010.

Posted by Rafe Blandford at 17:46 UTC, October 30th || 28 Comments
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